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Rebecca currently lives in Nashville, TN and is married to Foster the People bassist Jacob “Cubbie” Fink, a Colorado native and a missionary to South Africa. James – You Still Amaze Me Rebeca Montiel Silva Rebecca St. Tennessee) -September 16, 2013 -This weekend heralded the opening of the new faith-friendly romantic comedy, “A Strange Brand of Happy,” and with it the welcomed return of , long known for her abstinence ’til marriage, is now married, and also…pregnant with child! James – You make everything beautiful: Fxwhr V vía @youtube Christian Power Praise #nowplaying Rebecca St. Beautiful, because of what it represented - a sonic reminder of memories there in that old house.To God's ears, the birds' singing is also beautiful, because it represents their song of love to him - a song of gratefulness for life and a new day!I remember literally putting on my makeup back stage and just crying out to God saying, "God if you don't give me strength through this, I cannot go out there." I remember feeling such desperation for God to be close to me, to give me strength to speak and sing in front of all those people.That is the same kind of desperation that I feel for God that comes through the song "Breathe". James - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rebecca St.Long before recording her February 2002 release, Worship God, Grammy award-winning artist Rebecca St. With each prior album, from her 1994 self-titled debut to her 2000 release Transform, St.

In addition, it is an invitation to listeners, beckoning them to seek intimacy and connection with God through adoration and love. James described Worship God as "passionate, edgy pop/rock with half of the album full of songs people would be familiar with from church and then half brand new, fresh worship songs." Included in the category of well-known songs are the album's first radio single, "Breathe," Matt Redman's "Better Is One Day," and "God of Wonders," a song popularized by the album City on a Hill.England has had a real impact on worship in America through people like Martin Smith of Delirious? "Let My Words Be Few" is an example of a song that has had and continues to have an amazing impact.I love the simplicity and honesty of the lyrics because the focus is very much on simple love for God. James, Matt Bronleewe and Jeremy Bose) - Psalm 89:1, 5-6 NIVWhen I was growing up, I often stayed at my grandparents' house.As a young person, it was very powerful to see and I always knew that this revolution would come to America and it is exciting to see that happening now.Through my worship album I really want to help feed that hunger for worship.

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